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Common causes of LED Lamp Bead Damage
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1. Problems caused by abnormal power supply:
 01. Check if the power supply is working and the indicator light is on. If it is not light, please check if the power supply is connected.

 02. Check if the lamp power cable is well connected to the positive and negative terminals of the power supply. The above problems exist and you can connect them correctly.

2, LED lamp bead voltage requirements
01. 3V nominal LED lamp beads, in fact, different colors have different current requirements, yellow is currently the minimum requirements, followed by red, green, white, and blue. The current is too large and the wick burns.
02. Using a 2.4V rechargeable battery, yellow is easy to burn, because even if the voltage is not high, but the current is too high, it will still burn.
03. When using the battery, since the button battery voltage is 3V, but the button battery discharge current is very small, the 3V LED lamp bead will not be burned. Therefore, when using LED lamp beads, you should select the appropriate power source, pay attention to voltage and current.
04. When AC power, if the rated LED lights meet the requirements, it is necessary to improve the circuit, the installation of common resistors.
3, how to distinguish the color of the led woven beads
If you don't have power, it is recommended to easily select the 3V button at the time of purchase, and the brake can easily detect the LED indicator.
4, LED lamp bead chip burned the reason:
01. The filaments in our industry are called gold wire. Pure gold is available in conductive material and has two vertical and two adjacent. A really good product will have a fifth wire, which is welded to the zinc tube and plays a protective role.
02. If the filament is shortened, it means that your lamp has been burned by high current, that is, it is open circuit.
03. 1W high power drive current is about 350mA, can work between 3.2-3.6V, make sure to pay attention when using, too much current will burn out the bulb.
04. The aluminum substrates of the three 1W lamps are generally driven by about 12V, and are rarely used directly for 220V. It can be seen whether there is a constant current source missing or a 12V driving power supply missing.
5, the cause of the LED lamp beads yellowing
The most likely cause is the mismatch between the epoxy resin and the curing agent, but it cannot be ruled out that the outer sealant is baked for too long and the outer seal is caused.
Solution: Buy a full set of sealant and curing agent, such as Shanghai Fine Chemical 800 or 2339 glue, the following conditions will not occur, pay attention to production control, strictly follow the operating procedures, avoid baking time is too long or insufficient, etc. The situation is well controlled.
6, LED lamp bead leakage
The machine equipment is not grounded and is caused by improper electrostatic protection. Then during the packaging process, the wire bond part of the PAD last chip itself is a hidden quality issue.
7, LED lamp beads should be capacitive and inductive loads.
The LED lamp bead is a two-stage tube that requires forward conduction voltage operation, usually 2 or 3.5V, and the current can control the brightness of the LED lamp bead. In this way, LED lamp beads simply convert electrical energy into light energy.
8, the reason for the decline of the lamp pearl light:
1): The iron frame has poor abruptness.
2): Epoxy resin yellowing.
3): The chip is not in close contact with the bracket.
4): The chip has a large attenuation.

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