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The Common Fault and Solution for Beam Light
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Beam moving head lights are a common type of lamp that has caused a sensation in the market in recent years. Because of its small light output angle, it is easier to focus. Therefore, it can produce a rich stage shape.  The other is that the lamp body is small, the scanning speed is faster, and the stage atmosphere can be more effectively created to achieve high-quality dance effect.

Beam moving head light is a professional and accurate equipment device. It combines more professional principles such as electronics, machinery and optics. It has high requirements for environment, transportation and use, so it is inevitable that some faults will occur. In order to better solve some common faults, Lin Xiang Lighting combines some feedback from customers after use, and has made relevant reasons for possible failures analysis.

The structure of the beam light still has some details different from the traditional computer lights.
Light bulb circuit: Traditional computer lights are bright bulb lines with magnetic ballasts and triggers, but beam lights typically use a lighter without the need for a trigger. Add one more PFC (AC220V to DC380V) because the input to the lighter is DC 380 V. The second part is the control part: the beam light is modified with a switching power supply and communicates with a conventional induction transformer. Due to the use of a switching power supply, the stability of the control line at a later stage is greatly improved. Due to the difficulty of switching power supply technology, the failure rate is higher than that of the induction transformer. Due to the switching power supply, the beam lamp is not affected by external voltage changes and can be input through the entire voltage (110 V~240 V) without problems caused by voltage instability.
 For some common problems, the details are as follows: no response at boot
 1. Whether the power supply is normal, whether the power cord of the lamp is off;
 2. The safety tube of the lamp burns out;
 3. Detect whether there is voltage output from the optical power supply.
 Boot does not light bulb
 1. First, judge whether the bulb is good or bad, check if the contact of the bulb core is burnt out, and whether the bulb core itself is broken.
 2. Determine that the lamp is in the bubble state, and measure the output voltage of the main board to be normal. Under normal circumstances, it is generally 10-12 volts.
 3. If two or more are correct, measure whether the input of the lighter is 380V AC voltage output. If there is output, the PFC is good, which can directly determine that there is no problem with the lighter.
 The lamp will automatically reset after a period of startup.
 1. The output voltage of the switching power supply is unstable.
 2, the line is loose, resulting in poor contact, it automatically shows reset
 The bulb is automatically defoamed
 1. The lamp goes out and the lamp will turn on automatically after a while to check if the cooling system is working properly. If the heat dissipation system fails, the temperature inside the lamp is too high, and the temperature control switch will automatically jump to ensure the safe use of the lamp. When the lamp is turned off, the lamp automatically lights up when the lamp is turned off.
 2. After the light is off, the light bulb will not light up automatically: the problem of the light bulb itself, the surface of the bulb sphere becomes white, the interior is black, and the bulb will appear to be defoamed after a certain period of lighting (at the end of the lamp life). .
 3. If there is no long-term control signal, the lamp will be defoamed to form self-protection, and the start signal will automatically light up.
 Patterns, colors, prisms, focus appear stuck, stuck, jittered, out of sync
 1. The stuck and stuck are generally mechanical reasons. At this time, the color wheel may be stuck or stuck: such as pattern, color distortion, whether the fixing screw is loose or not, whether the fixed pattern of the spring is popped, etc. Jamming and stuck
 2, jitter and non-synchronization: the screw loose or fall off, burn the motherboard chip, the motor cable connection is bad, damage the ground short circuit, the motor itself.
 Horizontal and vertical (X/Y axis) are out of sync, not positioned
 1. Excessive dust on the optocoupler causes the infrared light to be controlled in place;
 2, the optical coupling plate is damaged, adjust the distance between the improper aperture and the optocoupler disc (negative, it should be carried out in the middle of the optical coupling disc coupled with the optical disc, and does not touch or scratch, long-term phenomenon);
 The above is the analysis of the causes of some common faults. In fact, in order to reduce the occurrence of faults, normal maintenance is essential. Guangzhou Linxiang Lighting Summary The following is a brief introduction to some daily maintenance considerations:
 1. Optical components, firstly use a vacuum cleaner or air bag to gently blow the surface dust, wipe the granular material with odor-free cotton cloth or water, remove dust and residue with cotton cloth or odor-free paper immersed in ethanol, and finally wash with distilled water, soft Cotton drying;
 2, with coated color film and optical lens, because the surface coating is brittle and easy to scratch, so do not use solvent to clean the destructive part;
 three. The beam light should be handled gently to avoid collision and fall.
 4. Do not use if there is more dust;
 5. After the performance is finished, use the console to extinguish the lamp. The lamp must not be turned off, so that the lamp continues to work for a period of time (so that the fan in the lamp continues to work to reduce the temperature of the lamp body);
 6. After the flow performance is good, the moisture-proof and anti-shock device should be installed in the special air box. The fixed installation spotlight should pay attention to dustproof and shockproof.

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