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    1, the research on the properties of the characteristics of lighting equipment
* floodlight: heaven and earth row lights, feet light, top row floodlight and so on.
* spotlight: convex lens lights, light spot.
* no lens spotlight: back to the light lamp, PAR lamp, and closed the light bulb. Including: parallel, concentrated, soft light, astigmatism and so on
* imaging spot: plastic insert, follow spot light and imaging.
* a slideshow of lamps and lanterns: water ripple slide show, run cloud slideshows, PANI slide and other effects of lamps and lanterns, etc.
* amount: the lamp body form, mirror motion form, color change, imaging the shape and movement as a whole lighting lamps and lanterns.
* special barrier in lamps and lanterns: effects equipment, color changer, fog machine, digital computer falls equipment, etc.
* operation control system
Silicon controlled dimmer and dimmer work station each part function.
* color light color filter: all kinds of color, color temperature, light, reflectors, soft light piece, etc.
* the demo laser: in all kinds of low power laser device under computer control to complete the scan of the picture.
* effect of auxiliary equipment: smoke generator and ventilation, air supply device.
Snow generator, a bubble generator, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, fire smoke, smoke paper firecrackers, dry ice, etc.
2, lighting and lighting objects material characteristics of research using performance
Material - reflection diffuse reflection pervious to light a semipermeable opaque soft hard soft and absorbing.
Materials, textile materials, cotton silk velvet linen cloth.
Metal materials, iron and brass alloy stainless steel.
Natural materials - wood and adobe plants
Synthetic materials, nylon plastic foaming material PVC sheet.
Smoke material - ethylene glycol oily smoke stranded type dry ice lower smoke smoke fire smoke liquid nitrogen
Performance effect, is cast, cast, plane, solid, embossed, texture, dot, line, face, hierarchy, void, halo silhouette, silhouette, etc.
Performance characteristics of the article - net, rope, panel, pillar, veil, bar screen, frame, light boxes, etc
3, lighting formative research and basic concepts: feelings and performance
A lighting lighting research base - static characters
Lighting four elements
1) the main light: themes and viewpoints to need to determine the main direction of light, the light is better than other light, use the spotlight and other hard light illumination.
2) auxiliary light: is the auxiliary and supplement to the main light, decoration effect. With soft reflected light illumination simulation of the natural environment.
3) backlight: on the basis of the main light and the light. Can be stronger than the main light, also can be lower than the main light and stronger than the auxiliary light, adornment modelling role
Type 4) than light: body on all sides by the proportion of light and shade. Light than adjustment can be made according to creative needs, so as to achieve the desired effect.

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