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Neon lights application stage and form of expression
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    Stage lighting lighting due to is incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp and dysprosium lamp gas discharge lamp is given priority to. Along with our country market economy development, people's cultural life demand gradually prominent, the stage is also increasing demand for light source. Laser, rainbow lamp, neon light snow has gradually took to the stage, along with the improvement of lamps and lanterns, the application of computer technology, the stage performance too colourful, bright; Dynamic myriad, stage effect produced a new leap forward. Especially the neon lights. In the past, the neon lights were installed in the outdoor, make advertising signs or exterior decoration. Seldom applied on the stage. Later, as a result of the neon lights dimming technology, color technology and the development of control technology, combined with the stage to the expressing effect of neon lights, finally, neon occupies the important position in the stage lights. At present, there are still many people cautious use of neon lights, dare not bold use. In order to make the neon technology in stage lighting is refers to the color, shape and state three aspects. "Color" is a colorful, colorful; "Shape" is the point, line and plane form, is the shape of a location description; "State" is a movement, is the change of emotional appeal. Modern neon technology development today, has been able to easily perform colour, shape and state on the stage.
1, the expression of "color"
The neon light color (hereinafter referred to as "light") don't like the color of the paint, can be arbitrarily allocate, to design the neon effect, generally in the limited light color choice. Neon light color can be divided into three categories: (1) through the colored glass neon tube for light color. The tubes used in inert gas and mercury vapor lamp ionization excitation, directly or through phosphor emit visible light, under the screen effect of colour lamp with light color, this kind of lamp has put out the light lamp still color characteristics, in stage application, such as still need to keep the color of the tube after quench tube shape, can choose this kind of neon lights. (2) inadequate mercury glowing neon tube color. Such tubes phosphor powder type of neon lamp USES the transparent glass, because on the inner wall of the tube with phosphors, so general appearance on white. Mainly by inert gas ionization excitation in the tubes, through the phosphor, emit visible light. (3) filling mercury glowing neon tube color. Through the tubes inside the mercury vapour various phosphor excited by the ultraviolet radiation and light color. Tubes with a white appearance. Of course there are other classification methods, from the professional does not introduce in this paper. Table is a neon light color and glass color of lighting table, can refer to choose.
There is a way to express color, is to use the neon color technology. This technique is to use red, green, blue three primary colors of light, through the different ratio of dimming, mixed color effects, realize the light color. In close distance from the stage, not like outdoor remote lighting engineering using color technology, and should adopt the way of dark lighting, through the frosted glass or other translucent materials luminescence (such as milky white organic glass, light box cloth, etc.). Through such processing, color changing effect smooth, natural. In addition, in some modelling borders with grooves, installed in the groove trichromatic lamp, also can produce the effect. Install the signal as shown in figure 1.
The production of color changing effect, can change color scanner programming or artificial regulation becomes angry, produced by 2000 a variety of colors. Two kinds of color and gradient effect have mutations. Also can be dealt with through the circuit, the locations of the neon color at the same time, the stage effect of synchronicity is very strong, can produce the effect of the stately on stage. Application of neon color technology on stage is the indirect light, brightness has certain losses, please note the instructions of use.
2, the expression of "form". Mainly point, line and surface expression, the use of neon lights to part shape sketch out.
(1) the expression of: can make the neon bending as dot, use special transformer light;
(2) the expression of: are the strong suits of the neon lights. At present domestic neon tube has 3-20 mm diameter specifications, including applications in 7-12 mm diameter up to the stage, according to the shape of stage design, text, such as bending type is made, it is the expression of specific location on the stage lights, there is no other light source can be replaced.
(3) the expression: in order to express a flat sheet light, can be in the front in the tubes, so the visible light tube arrangement, suitable for use in vision and big scene; Can also be to the north with tubes, through the frosted glass or other half light medium light-emitting organic glass or computer graphics (such as milky white cloth, etc.), to complement the loss of brightness, generally use highlight the neon tube and encryption of tubes arranged to deal with.
3, the expression of "state". Use the neon technology, will reflect stage dynamic background.
(1) the use of brightness. Neon lights on the stage, in other strong light, brightness is dwarfed by the neon. So the claim as far as possible choose tricolor phosphor powder (using rare earth compounds) neon tubes, the maximum brightness in neon tubes, light stability is good, the decay of light slow, and there are various colors to choose.
Dimming technology developed in recent years, experts neon lights, the stage application of neon lights. Neon height adjustable, changed the past stage using the thinking of neon lights. Dimming controller can be located in control room, by regulating the personnel according to the regulation of plot its brightness; In addition, also can use the principle of acoustic or electric control brightness.
(2) scanning and shiny. The so-called scanning is the row, column or the order of the neon lamp in one part by writing. Scanning and shiny technology application on the stage, can let the stage of static to dynamic, used in some of the active scene, can increase the rendering stage. Neon light scanning and shiny technology after decades of practice, has been transformed from mechanical control method for electronic control method has high reliability. Including electronic scanner has been developed from a body for fission machine mechanical development, more flexible and convenient in use. Lights ablaze with single transformer since the start of the flash and a scanner according to such procedures. At present, stage lighting control, on the basis of the illuminate of lamplight reflect all sorts of design of light on the stage, lighting of shaking, shiny, such as color change effect, is the regulation of the big effect, can't control the local effect, and neon lights can show its advantage in local regulation, through the controller, can be an independent regulation of local modelling. Such as ground lamp, size, figure, background model, even the stereo modelling of hanging space, etc. Can either small-scale control respectively, and the overall synchronization control, full control work, are available in the control room.
Due to solve the dimming technology, in recent years, also appeared a corner scanning technology. Corner scanning technology is a comprehensive scanning technique and the dimming technology is applied, the scanning shiny neon group from light to dark gradient effect. In the big scene or application corner scanning of vision effect is better.
(3) the neon blocks the use of modelling. Neon lights of life is very long, the domestic level in more than 3000 hours (note 1), is used to connect the circuit conductors twisted way, will not caused by all kinds of vibration in lights flashing instability. Therefore, can design the modelling of some can use repeatedly or design (such as stars, column, ground lamp modelling, etc.).
In order to make the neon blocks the use of modelling diversity and convenience, at the end of each shape set control knob (move light or color control knob), depending on the scenario when need to adjust in advance, the next time to combination, and can be adjusted according to the requirements of the new, long-term repeated use. Each model can be designed to have independent flashing, color changing function; But can be by scanner programming flashing.
4, the use of new technology.
(1) to introduce a new neon technology. In recent years, the related technical personnel invented a remote installation of neon transformer, through the transfer of a copper core BV of withstand voltage 500 v power supply cord, the transformer can be installed on dozens of meters or hundreds of metres distance tubes. The greatest characteristic of this technology, there are two: 1) the transformer can be install to facilitate monitoring in the background, in one thousand the neon transformer malfunction, can change in a short time (other transformer can only repair at the scene of the lamp installation, it is impossible to change during the period of performance); 2) when one thousand a bright lamp fails, other tubes can still light up (such as using other transformer, the whole lamps tube all not bright, severely affect the stage effect). Using this technique, the application of neon lights on the stage to get a higher security.
(2) application of coarse diameter of neon. Recently developed a kind of cold cathode neon Ф 20 mm, for each tube can be made into 2-3 m long, platinum is neon light coherence of color, gorgeous, bright, have a momentum, stage effect is very good.
5, quality assurance.
The problem is most concerned about. We evaluate the quality of the use of neon lights, three aspects must be quality comprehensive evaluation. Referred to as the light quality three elements: (1) the quality of the tubes, neon lights (2) the quality of transformer, (3) the installation quality. As long as one of the three elements has a problem, the use of neon light quality is not guaranteed. Among them, for (1) and (2), can choose products of famous manufacturers, relying on the product of manufacturer of quality, as long as we grasp the installation quality, the use of neon light quality is no problem. Discuss the following the installation of the main quality problems.
Neon lights working voltage is higher, its working voltage is usually several hundred to more than ten thousand v, some electronic transformer no-load and more than thirty thousand volts, such as do not pay attention to when installation, tube electrode wire or high tension line connection will be conductive to other discharge or leakage, cause the neon lights don't work properly, and even lead to tube and transformer is damaged, a large number of neon failure from this. Given in table 2 (note 2) used the distance of neon installation requirements.
The selection of high tension line. For using professional high tension line pressure above 25000 v.
The high tension line connection. High tension line or high tension line and neon electrode connection between, between each other should be twisted twist to turn more than four laps. The use of the high tension line length of more than 10 cm, to paraphrase the glass tube.
6, matters needing attention.
(1) collision. Neon is glass products, can't afford to collision. Such as installing on high, and stage movement's reach, can make clear, to ensure the brightness; Instead, installed in the lower, it must be equipped with protective measures (iron net, etc.), also can sacrifice some brightness, dark outfit were used. After this treatment, still can prevent to get an electric shock.
(2) the neon installation is completed, must carry out the overall lighting, advance the overall lighting, fix the neon lights work, but also process in light of the engineering quality inspection, such as the displacement of tube, hot hot, lamp brightness is not stable or brightness decreased obviously, and so on and so forth, should be timely treatment. General lighting not less than 1 hour, as long as time permits, continuous light best 4 hours or longer.
(3) during the performance found one thousand neon is not stable, light shaking, should shut off the neon light, lest cause an accident or failure.
(4) using the old lamp, should be clean before installing the lamp.
Neon line (5), should stay away from the audio circuit, in case of a disturbance signal string into the sound system.
(6) the neon lights installed on the pillar and many units using bare copper wire strapping, bulb easy sliding displacement, suggest to switch to the corresponding outsourcing plastic skin wrapping wire, as well as strengthen the binding strength, and increased the binding line and tubes of friction, tube is not easy to slide.
6, common faults and maintenance. Details are shown in table 3.
From the perspective of aesthetic and psychological perspective, neon lights is the most beautiful light source, its strong and vivid colors, beautiful lines and move feeling, often give a person leave a good memory, this beautiful memories is the pursuit goal of the stage effect, in order to achieve this goal, the neon lights will get greater development in the application stage.

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