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Stage Lighting Use and Light Source Angle
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Now the light is divided into "Face light" and the wedding "Side light". Weddings are the most important "face light " to ensure the characteristics of light. Then we consider "Side Light".

Explain "Face Light" and "Side Light"
“Side light is the color of the whole scene, such as LED dyeing lights, moving head lights, etc. These are often used. The lighting engineer will design according to the wedding links and themes. The point to be stated is that “sidelight” is It is used to render the environment, but not as a "face light". Some lighting engineers use the LED lamp as the main light source to shine on the person's face. First of all, this high color temperature light will make the picture are not soft, then there is the discoloration of the person's face, which makes the person's face or body "discoloration". In fact, based on the color temperature problem, most of people use PAR64 light for washing, its price ratio LEDs are cheap, and such washing is mild, uniform, real, and natural. The only downside is that the power consumption is quite high, and some sites where power is not available are used with caution.

Face light is divided according to light level
1, front light: in the horizontal position 0-10 degrees
The face of the character is very bright, and there is no stereoscopic effect. This kind of light is not suitable for the round-spun face, but it is a powerful lamp for expressing the youth and youthfulness of the character.
2, front side light: 20-30 degrees in the horizontal position
It is a good lamp position for auxiliary light, which will soften the light and enrich the level.
3, the middle side light: in the horizontal position 40--50 degrees
Often used as the main light of the character light, about 45" angle, can accurately control the distribution of light and shadow, very suitable for the position of the follow-up light.
4, side light: 60-90 degrees in the horizontal position
In the performances of the art, the side light is indispensable and plays an important role in the characterization of the actors' lines.
5, side backlight: in the horizontal position 110-120 degrees
Easy to produce sunlight, the flank, cheekbones, forehead, and the back of the head have a high-gloss effect on the back of the head.
The texture is fixed.
6, contour light: in the horizontal position 135 160 degrees
Produces a continuous edge of light on the head and shoulders of the character, separating the head from the background so that the characters in the vision no longer cling to the background.
7. Foot light: The light projected from the platen in front of the stage to the stage, mainly assists the surface illumination and eliminates the shadow formed by the face and the jaw of the person illuminated by the high position such as the face light.
8, heaven and earth light: from the sky above and below the sky to the sky, mainly used for the lighting and color changes of the sky.
9. Flowing light: It is located on the flow light stand on both sides of the stage, mainly assisting the bridge light, supplementing the light on the sides of the stage or other specific light.
10, chasing light: the light position required from the auditorium or other locations, mainly used to track actors to perform or highlight a specific light, but also used for the host, is the characteristics of stage art

Common lamps and features
1. Spotlight: It is one of the most widely used main types of lighting on stage lighting. Currently, the market has 1KW and 2KW, which is the most widely used 2Kw. It illuminates the light, the edge of the spot is clearer, can highlight a part, and can also amplify the spot to illuminate an area. It is used as the main source of the stage, and is often used for surface light, slap, side light and other light levels.
2, Soft Light: soft and well-balanced light, can not only highlight a certain part, there is no blunt spot, easy to connect several lights, common 0.3kW, 1KW, 2KW and so on. It is mostly used for close-range light positions such as column light and flowing light.
3. Backlight: It is a kind of reflective lamp, which is characterized by hard light quality, high illumination and long range. It is an economical and efficient high-light lamp. The main ones are 0.5KW and 1KW. 2kKW, etc., the most used in 2KW. The backlight can produce a beam with narrow parallel and no exact edge. Its light spot is fuzzy, suitable for a more even and soft lighting effect, and can be used as a face light. It is ideal for outdoor or larger venues because it is projected very far, at least 20 meters.
4, Astigmatism: the light is diffuse, all said, the projection area is large, divided into platoon astigmatism and ground astigmatism, common 0.5KW1KW, 1.25KW, 2kW, etc., mostly used for skylight illumination, can also be used for the theater podium Universal lighting.
5, Modeling Light: the principle between the chasing light and the spotlight, is a special kind of lighting, mainly used for the shape of characters and scenery
6, Strip Light: soft light, a wide area. Mainly as a medium-view, netscape lighting, cloth color, but also in the position of the auxiliary port to illuminate the surface.
7, Shooting Slides and Canopy Effect Lights: can be formed on the stage canopy overall screen, and a variety of special effects, such as: wind, rain, lightning, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds and so on.
8, Follow Spot Light: chasing light is the most common lighting at the wedding, it is a kind of luminaire that can follow the new person or host by manual operation. It can be placed anywhere, and the shutter can change the aperture and adjust the spot size. Follow-up lights are divided into 575 kW, 1200 kW, 2500 kW, etc. according to the power. The specific parameters are determined according to the size of the hotel and the distance according to the new person.
In some places where the venue is relatively large, the light level of the chasing light frame from the top of the slope will be more conducive to its role.
9, PAR lamp: PAR64 lamp (ie, the simple lamp is the most common light in our wedding except the chasing light, it is usually used to supplement the character light and ambient light PAR lamp can emit a strong, fixed, parallel beam according to Different from the light bulb, it can be divided into three kinds
The light bulb of the 1CP60 is transparent, and the emitted light beam is very narrow, and the light collecting effect is better.
Figure CP61 has a bulb that is frosted, so that the beam can be more evenly dispersed and diverged than the beam from the CP60.
CP62's bulb is a meshed matte, the light is astigmatism, very soft and even, its beam is the most uniform compared to CP60, CP61.
10. Imaging light: The imaging light can obtain light with a narrow beam, a sense of direction, and a clear edge. Its smaller the east corner, the farther the range. The clear beam of the imaging light is ideal for creating a character beam in the dark field, as well as table flowers and roads.



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