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Stage the kinds, function and use the matters needing attention of lamps and lan
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    1, type:
According to the light source used by division: incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, neon lights, laser, metal halide lamp and so on.
According to control method: manual control light, mechanical control light, acoustic control light, program-controlled lamp, etc.
According to the radiation light of lamps and lanterns of hard and soft partition: spot and omni two kinds big.
2, function and use the matters needing attention and features:
(1) the spotlight: can light the lamps and lanterns of together, the range and intensity of light is adjustable, equipped with convergent light mirror or convex lens. Maximum use of radiation energy, improve the total efficiency of the light source. Often with 1000-2000 - w reflection bubble.
Features: local lighting effect is good. With high directivity, forms the boundary of the shadow, can be according to the surface of the object contour shows and structure, often as a top light, side light use.
Note: the high temperature, high fever.
Light itself only hair white light, add color paper to get a colorful effect.
Direct (2) the back light: light source, light no lens, before and after light reflector.
Features: light can shift focus. Plays a role of condenser, astigmatism, big power, high brightness, range far, using 1000-5000 - w quartz tungsten halogen bubble, can be used for surface light, backlight.
(3) omni (also called astigmatism lamp) : before the lamp without condenser lens, light after no mirror. Made by wide body form a diffuse concave, uniform illumination of scattering light.
Characteristics: the light is downy, not concentrating, small range, the area is large, is not easy to keep out, commonly used as a backdrop, to act (background), using 1250 W bromine tungsten lamp.
(4) follow spot: slender long focal length, large range, light box. Mainly used for solo or solo show. The independent characters in a circle of light, to chase or outstanding actor modelling, produce local spot. In order to suit the performance need to spot size can be change.
(5) amount: the voice control, a variety of forms such as SPC, with scanning, laser, swing, rotating, color, pattern, programmable, and other functions.
More than four commonly used for sets, equipped with independent console.
Biggest advantage: visual cue, one or more sets of lights make unified action or do different actions at the same time.

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