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Entertainment lighting control classification
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Stage lighting lighting it in many places of entertainment, at the time of control need to have a complete lighting control scheme.
General lighting adjustment and control is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is brightness, the light intensity control, 2 it is colour control.
Often use the brightness of the control method has two kinds of mechanical addition and subtraction and electrical control. Mechanical addition and subtraction is lit by controlling the number of lamps and lanterns, glow to achieve overall strength increased or reduced. For a single lamp, can use mask or variable aperture to change the pervious to light lamps and lanterns; And electrical control principle is the use of different kinds of dimmers, change the working voltage or current of lamps and lanterns, so as to adjust the luminous intensity of lamps and lanterns.
According to the above we told by general lighting control there are two main approaches to the switch and the dimming control.
The first is switch control
Need show in places of entertainment rich and colorful lights artistic effect (especially in the disco), so in addition to using manual switch equipment, also use voice control (acoustic), process control (SPC), and even computer control of a variety of special features of the switch control equipment.
General discos acoustic control of lighting equipment can make the light flashing, swinging or rotate according to the beat of the music. On the voice control has two ways: lamps and lanterns of lamplight has the voice control function and lamp controller itself has the voice control function.
And the dimming control
Dimming control is often changed by the size of the current or voltage, lamps and lanterns to continuously adjust the luminous intensity of lamps and lanterns. By dimming method to divide a: get Yin dimmer, autotransformer dimmer, saturable reactor, magnetic amplifier, light tones and thyristor adjustable light, etc. The first four dimming device has a big volume, heavy shortcomings. Is currently widely used thyristor dimmer.
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