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KTV types and methods of the stage lighting control
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      KTV stage lighting effect has become a bit more beautiful KTV, let's introduce the types and methods of the KTV stage lighting control.
A method of stage lighting, KTV light control 
      (1), electric control method, which USES different kinds of dimmers, change the working voltage or current of lamps and lanterns, so as to adjust the luminous intensity of lamps and lanterns. 
      (2), mechanical addition and subtraction, lit by controlling the number of lamps and lanterns namely, glow to achieve overall strength increased or reduced. For a single lamp, can use mask or variable aperture to change the amount of lamps and lanterns of pervious to light.
These two methods have their own characteristics, the mechanical method to add and subtract the advantage of not affect color temperature, but not convenient adjustment. Electric control method, the operation is simple, and can realize automatic and programmable operation, its defect is at the same time in the change of the luminous intensity, moderate color color rendering has great changes.
Second, from the lighting electric control principle, can be summarized as on-off control and two kinds of luminous intensity control, and the corresponding control switch and the dimming control two methods. 
      (1), dimming control
Dimming control is often changed by the size of the current or voltage, lamps and lanterns to continuously adjust the luminous intensity of lamps and lanterns. By dimming method to divide a: get Yin dimmer, autotransformer dimmer, saturable reactor, magnetic amplifier, light tones and thyristor adjustable light, etc. The first four dimming device has a big volume, heavy shortcomings. Is currently widely used thyristor dimmer. 
      (2), switch control
Light switch control equipment refers to the on-off control of lighting circuit, which control the lighting and extinguishing of lamps and lanterns of all kinds of switch devices, including the knife switch, contactor, air switch, etc. The air switch for good protection function, the quilt is widely used as a dance halls of the high-power lamps and lanterns of total switch on-off control and lighting, etc.
Using open switch (or a switch) or air switch to control the lights on and off, is the most common manual switch control equipment (manual). HDL type 11012 12 circuit switch board, for example, is by 12 groups of 15 a sort of switch and fuse, 12 road lighting control. It is suitable for current is less than 15 a of lamps and lanterns, such as all kinds of rotating lights, strobes, light, laser, glass ball, and most of the lens movement type lamps and lanterns. For high-power spotlights, floodlight, follow spot is selected for arcing ability of DZ type air switch or CJ10 type contactor.
Because of rich and colorful lights dance halls need performance art effect, so in addition to using manual switch equipment, also use voice control (acoustic), process control (SPC), and even computer control of a variety of special features of the switch control equipment.
Voice-activated lights can make the lights flashing, swinging or rotate with the beat of the music. Light voice control has two ways: one is the lamps and lanterns has the voice control function, with a microphone, amplifier, relay or inside the lamp SCR (thyristor), direct feeling outside sound and control motor movement, led lamps and lanterns to scan, swing or rotation. Is another kind of lamp controller itself has the voice control function, the principle of which is to put the mixer voice signal into the light controller (dimmer) acoustic control circuit, is used to control each lights on and off. This approach is especially suitable for control of a large group of rain light movement, with the beat of the music and take turns to light, colorful flicker effect.
SPC lighting control equipment is the use of light touch button, via digital on-off control circuit to trigger the thyristor, to control the various lamps and lanterns of the marshalling respectively according to certain procedures in turn light and go out, resulting in a certain artistic effect. It is especially suitable for the need to constantly round circulation, in order to achieve continuous change color, pattern and effect of the rain light, spotlight and boundary light lamps and lanterns, etc.
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