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DG0343 19pcs RGBW Big Bee Eye LED Light
The input voltage: AC100-240 - v, 
50/60 hz optical system 
Osram Ostar19 RGBW4in1 LEDs 
DG0043-10-12 w LED moving head beam light
Voltage: AC90/50 hz, 240 v / 60 hz 
The maximum power: 140 w 
Light source: 12 10 w CREE 
DG0023-7 of 12 w LED moving head beam light
Voltage: AC100-240 - v / 50 hz - 60 hz 
Power: 120 w 
Light source: July 12 w OSRAM 

      Guangzhou ForestFly Stage Lighting Equipment Factory, is a professional research and development, production installation, stage lighting products, its main products include machine series, series of computer moving head light, computer follow spot, application effect of lamp series, the design effect lights series, laser series, lighting series, series of professional LED stage effect lights series professional stage lighting products, with advanced production technology and the trend of progressing with The Times, design concept, the fusion quality of production materials and excellent product quality, set up the good brand reputation. Welcome to consultation cooperation with us.


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